About us
About us

The communication agency AltCommunicationGroup was founded several years ago during its organizational restructuring from the market leaders – the Advertising Syndicate HIDALGO. The agency is part of Egor Altman’s group of companies and suggests a spectrum of communication services for government entities, private Russian and international companies, including for leaders of their industries from the top 100. We have experience working with entrepreneurs included in the Forbes rating of the wealthiest people in Russia.

We are a team of professionals that implements both integrated solutions and PR projects that allow us to achieve specific goals in a separate direction.

In the modern world, boundaries are gradually obscuring. As experts in communications, we understand this very well and therefore run campaigns not only in Russia and the CIS but also in Europe, the USA, and Israel.


Egor Altman, President of AltCommunication Group

A recognized expert in the media realm. Three times the laureate of one of the most prestigious Russian Media Manager awards. One of the creators of Radio Business FM. Vice-President of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR) and co-prolocutor of the AKAR Commission on small and medium-sized businesses.  Egor Altman has been in the media industry for over 25 years. He first received a pedagogical education, resumed his studies at the International Institute of Advertising, and later graduated from the faculty of Strategic Business Management and Marketing of the Stockholm School of Economics. In the early 90s, he began his career with advertising sales on one of the first cable television channels in Moscow, and by the age of 20, he had already run his own business. Just a few years later, HIDALGO advertising syndicate, founded by Egor Altman, became one of the biggest advertising companies in Russia, and later, during management optimization, it was transformed into the well-known communication agency AltCommunication Group – a thriving project that has large-scale projects, notorious clients, prestigious awards and positions in authoritative ratings. The agency is part of a self-titled group of companies AltCommunication Group, which also includes the Altmans Gallery, a network of international first-name galleries. Therefore, art is another area of the professional interests of Egor Altman. Today he is also a noted producer, art dealer, collector, author of international art projects in the field of contemporary art.  In general, Egor Altman’s extensive expertise is the result of work in diverse business sectors: at various times he held senior positions in the advertising and production company NAST, the Capital Evening Gazette, Moscow News Publishing House, and a number of major Russian banks. Parallel to this, he developed marketing strategies for VTB, Vnesheconombank, Gazprom Bank, Otkritie Bank, Renaissance Investment Management, ATON, Phazer, Prosveshchenie Publishing House, TEZ-Tour, and Our Home – Russia parties. He participated in the creation of such successful media projects as Kommersant-Weekend, the BFM.ru portal, as well as a series of programs on the Silver Rain and Echo of Moscow radio stations.  Egor Altman is one of the few media experts with experience in building successful media in Russia. Ex-adviser, ex-deputy general director of the management company “United Media” – with his participation Business FM radio, BFM.RU portal and 98 hits radio were created. He further launched a regional network of Business FM radio stations in St. Petersburg and Ufa. In 2009, Egor became the owner of Business FM radio stations in Kaliningrad and Sovetsk. Egor Altman is also engaged in social activities. He is the Chairman of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress (REC), a member of the Academic Council of the Jewish Museum and the Center for Tolerance. President and founder of the Igor Vulokh Creative Heritage Foundation.

Anna Lotsik

Anna Lotsik supervises the development and implementation of communication strategies.
In 1998, she studied economics and management at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. She began to apply theoretical knowledge in practice at the company “Office Club”, where she came in 1997 as a manager of the Marketing Department, and after 3 years she grew to be an advertising and marketing director. The next 6 years were devoted to developing advertising campaigns, launching new brands and supporting the dealer chain in the “Atlas Lux” furniture company.

A full immersion in all the subtleties of developing communication strategies and creative concepts was ensured by 11 years of work in the “Tainyi Sovetnik” group. An impressive pool of clients from different business sectors made it possible to hone skills in media planning, organizing press events in different countries and urban scale celebrations. In addition, Anna had to organize the work of the remote press center in 24/7 mode, launch anti-crisis PR campaigns, work with public and state organizations and build the work of her own team.

One of Anna’s principles is not to be afraid of professional challenges, so in 2019 she moved to AltCom.
Anna’s hobbies include sport and travel.

The head of the PR department is like a movie director: he knows what to do, how to do it, how much money will be needed for that. However, the main thing is that at the very beginning he can see the final picture and build frames in a beautiful logical story.

Andrey Bogoslovsky, position in AltComGroup

Andey Bogoslovsky joined the AltComGroup team at the end of 2019: “I have known Egor for a long time. In addition to a systematic and lively world outlook, he has an incredible flair for successful projects and is able to gather high-level specialists around him.” At AltComGroup, Andrey focuses on strategic analysis, as well as creating and managing brands.
In 1997 he graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of the State University of Management but decided to connect his professional growth with a different field – marketing. Until 2005, Andrey owned and led the Marketlab agency, whose clients included many industry leaders (the “San Interbrew” brewing company, the “Perekrestok” retail chain, the “Exmo” publishing house, the furniture manufacturer “Mr.Doors”, and the “Cheryomushki” confectionery factory, “Ligette-Ducat” tobacco factory, “Mir Detstva” producer of children’s products, “Ramzai” ice cream producer and seller, one of the largest car dealers in Russia Group of Companies “Independence”).
Andrey believes that the basis of success is a complex approach, he was able to fully actualized it in 2005 as the founder and head of the DEMIND strategic marketing agency, whose portfolio includes audit and development of the brand architecture, creation of marketing strategies for M.Video networks, TransCreditBank , Aktion-Media, VTB 24, MDM Bank, Cedar Bank, URSA Bank.

Successful work with Russian retail has become the foundation for the development of a new business route. In 2009, Andrey took the position of managing partner of RETAILITY and focused on improving the efficiency of retail chains and retail brands, such as the “Ascona” orthopedic mattresses chain, “Kashirsky Dvor”, “MEGA” shopping center in Arkhangelsk, the “Tatneft” gas station network and retail companies “Kupi Tyt”, “StroyDepo” and others.

Andrey is a participant in the development of the 4D Branding assessment system, the basis of which was formulated by the Swedish consultant Thomas Gad, an author, and host of seminars and special programs on strategic marketing and retail marketing at SSE (Stockholm School of Economics), creator of a professional retraining course for brand management specialists at the International Advertising Institute. He also conducts corporate training in strategic marketing and sessions in strategic planning.

Andey’s hobbies outside the office space include freediving and spearfishing, photography, the study of ancient psychotechnics and ways to reveal the inner potential of human beings.

“We live in a world where streams of attention are the most valued. Money and overall profit are all their consequences. Any specialist in communications is a professional hunter for attention streams. PR is a management system for information channels and brooks that provide attention and lead to a big goal. It is crucial for business to master these tools. Remember the cult film “The Matrix”: it was the people involved in communications who were able to control it. They were also the only ones who had a chance to “get out” of the Matrix.”